Finding Creativity: Where and How You Can Find It | Lifestyle Tips

If you’re new here, you might not yet know that I am an entrepreneur. I have two businesses - PEGAI and McTroy, which are both online leathercraft brands. Creativity is essential in my life as the Chief Craftsman of our businesses since it is one of the skills needed to manufacture and design our products. In this week’s article, I’ll share with you where I find my creativity. But before that, I will tell you my personal definition of what creativity is. Creativity is an original idea that helps me accomplish my intention which is to help people understand leather and use it in the best formats to enhance their lives and styles. This is what I call my creative initiatives. So, how do I come up with these initiatives? Actually, it’s not much about me coming up with those or finding creativity, rather it is me allowing creativity to come to me. What do I mean by that? Here are some tips that I personally do to be more creative. To let creativity come to me, I give myself time to quiet my mind and allow those inspirational moments to happen (those lightbulb moments). There are certain ways that I can actually increase those things to strike me at unexpected times. For example, I intentionally control what I put into my brain. I stopped watching the news a few months ago which allowed me to calm my mind a lot easier now with all those unrelated facts. This helped me to focus more on the things that matter since I don’t allow these other ideas to pop up in my brain and memories in unexpected times when I’m trying to idle and quiet my mind. Another thing that I do is not overwork myself. I have a cutoff moment from working. Whenever I’m done working, I turn my attention to my family. Sometimes, we go on a getaway trip or I do meditations. All these things take your mind away from work. Take your focus away from stressful and irrelevant things and enjoy the other aspects of your life. Here are some ideas that you can do to ease your mind: Spend quality time with your family, friends, or loved ones; Spend time with nature; or Get into the habit of meditation. These habits will help you have quiet and silent moments in your brain which I believe will help you connect to a deeper source of knowledge. Eventually, those creative original ideas will strike you just like the lightbulb moment. You might say “Oh, that’s a pretty good idea that might help me get one step closer to my intention.” The more you control your intake of relevant information and the more you stop thinking about irrelevant things, the more you can have a moment of silence and quietness. During these moments, creativity will come to you. These tips and ideas I’ve told you are some of the things that I personally do which have helped me to accomplish my goals and intentions more intensely and regularly in recent months. Try it out and incorporate it into your daily life and work. It will not only improve your creativity but also your time management. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Share this with your friends if you find it helpful. Again, in everything that you do, always do it for good.