What to do when stuck with a business idea? | Entrepreneur Tips

You probably have an idea and you’re struggling where to start with it. It was the case for me for a long time, and I know it is the case for all entrepreneurs. We tend to think of a lot of good ideas and when it comes to taking action on those, we get stuck. We ask the question, “Where should I start?” Not knowing anything prevents us from taking further actions. I know how fun it is to think of different ideas, especially when you’re the kind of entrepreneur that thinks a lot of cool stuff. You’re kind of addicted to thinking about these new cool ideas. One tip I could give you is to think of it as a process. It needs to move into certain steps in order to become a reality. So, if you really want to get something done, you need to move it to the next process, then the next process. And how does that happen? I can give an example of this. I have been thinking of launching this personal blog for about four to five years now. I haven’t done it for various reasons - probably because I just kept thinking about it. I thought I wasn’t confident enough in front of the camera. I thought I didn’t have any credibility. I don’t know if anybody would care. Or maybe, I just didn’t know where to start. Should I design my website first? Should it be a blog (written articles) or a vlog (videos)? Well, who cares? Today, I am just acting on it. And I think this is a very good example of the very first question we’re trying to answer in this article: how do you make an idea happen? Basically, it all starts as a process which we need to take into the next steps. Everything starts from an idea. The very camera I used in the video above was just an idea that some person has had at some point in time but they’ve taken action on it and now, they have become actual products that we can use now. The very screen you’re looking at, it’s the same. It started out as an idea but if they didn’t act on it, it wasn’t gonna happen. So, once you have the idea, you think a little more about it. And then, if you really think it’s worth trying and some people would benefit from it, then you’ll have to move to the next step which starts on stopping to think. Whatever you’ve thought, that’s probably good enough to start with. Then, you start wherever you can. Start with the smallest thing you can accomplish from your resources, abilities, or limitations. Start to put it out there at its very minimum version and see if anybody out there actually agrees with you. Listen to other people’s feedback. A lot of ideas start from assumptions and sometimes, the market doesn't agree with it. They will send you feedback which you might have overlooked or you would have never thought about (which is a really good thing to consider). So with that said, move to the next action step. Do something. Start with somewhere you can. Don’t focus on the things that you don’t have at the moment because you don’t have the resources and knowledge about it. Just do something from the point where you can start with. And don’t say that there isn’t any point because there will always be a point. Unless the idea is completely out of your limitations, then probably it’s not the idea that you should be working on. Just think about something that you can do. The notion of moving into action is going to give you the greatest satisfaction now that your idea is a real thing. You’re now going to get real feedback and go back to thinking, learning, and researching about it instead of just doing the thinking and learning part. Now you can improve your product which you bare minimally put out there a while ago. Now your product becomes a reality that is in an ever improving cycle. And I think this is the key point that a lot of entrepreneurs miss when they want to get stuff done. If you start moving things from idea level to action step, then things will start happening in your life and it will be a success. I’ll keep sharing all my experiences here and upload more videos on my YouTube channel with the hopes that you get something from it. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for more entrepreneur tips and to keep you posted on some bonus tips I will be sharing. Hopefully as a community, we can help each other to move these business ideas forward until it becomes a reality. Cheers!