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Upon repeated requests, I started to take bespoke projects from our community. This turned out to be one of the ways we can create the most unique and fun pieces together with you.

  • Minimum price starts at $1000 and depends on the size and complexity of the project. 

We buy leather goods from big brands, take them apart, and put them together again but in a fun and weird way to accomplish a truly unique item so you can show your authenticity and individuality.

Here is the minimum project fee:

  • Waitlist is at 3-4 months as each piece is done once for a single customer upon order.

Prada  leather bag pieces laid out .jpg

If you'd like to get a quote for your dream craft, kindly reach out to me via the form below and describe your vision as clearly as possible so we can start working on it.

Sky is the limit! We made punching bags, footballs with Himalayan crocodile leather, game console covers, bulletproof vests, and so on... so if you have a vision, I am more than happy to take on that challenge.



Describe your dream craft so we can make it happen!

Thanks for submitting!
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