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In this week’s article, I will be sharing with you my first book recommendation. It is entitled “Indistractable” written by Nir Eyal. The author of this book helps us to be aware of the distractions present in our modern day which I believe all of us are subjected to especially during these times where it’s hard to focus on tasks because of what’s happening globally. The book is perfect for those who do not necessarily know how to deal with the distractions which prevent us from being efficient, effective, and present at the moments where we really need to be.

In the present times, modern technology is the primary reason why most of us are distracted. It gives us a lot of notifications and distractions throughout the day. It often distracts us at times when we’re working on an important project, at times when we’re playing with our kid, or having a quality time with our family. Social media has been a huge part of everyone’s daily routine and anyone can easily be distracted by a single ping on their phones. Every time someone posts a picture, he/she checks his/her phone frequently to look at the comments. Every time he/she gets an email, he/she immediately checks them which loses our focus on the current work. Or maybe he/she is currently addicted to a game he’s been playing for the whole week. Regardless of what you’re doing, they just barge in through your phone and get your presence or mind away from things that really matter at that moment.

Nir Eyal has suggested some good and very applicable tips and tricks to manage these notifications to improve our efficiency and quality of time. I took away some applicable suggestions that he had in this book. One of these, which I consider as the tip that made a huge impact in my life, was turning off almost all notifications on my phone and getting off of social media. Instead of checking my notifications every 10 minutes, I do what’s called time blocking. Basically, I set a schedule on when I could check my notifications and when I have to stay focused. I personally check my social media notifications only once a week or once every two weeks. I removed the news from my phone, as well as the habit of checking it 10 times a day. I schedule a time for my emails and I remove my phone from the room when I’m working on something really important which requires my full attention. This has improved the quality of my work tremendously in recent days. Now, I am able to prioritize and focus on the things that matter the most.

There were a lot more suggestions in the book but I’m still learning to successfully apply some of them. The book can change your work style, even your personality might be different. You might take away something else from the book that can change your life for the better. So, check it out! It’s a great book and you only need to spend less than 20 bucks to get these amazing insights from Nir Eyal. In my opinion, books are one of the cheapest knowledge that we can acquire in today’s world. You just need to spend a few money and hours on it and you might be able to take away something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. So, enjoy reading!

Let me know your thoughts on this week’s article in the comments section below. What was your favorite tip from Nir Eyal’s Indistractable? Share this article with your friends and help them to stay focused as well! I hope you found valuable insights in this week’s article. Let’s help one another during these difficult times and remember that in everything you do, always do it for good. Cheers!

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