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LOUIS VUITTON|Felicie Pochette

Reviewing Louis Vuitton's Felicie Pochette - is it worth it?

DISCLAIMER: I am, in no way, affiliated with the brand mentioned. This video is solely for educational purposes only to let you know about the leather that the brand uses for its products and to provide you with a better understanding of its quality. At the end of the day, you still have to decide if it’s worth it for you or not.

This is the Felicie Pochette in Epi Leather (Galet color), by Louis Vuitton.

Overall, the leather bag construction was great and it's accompanied by good accessories. As always, the packaging was a pleasure. I definitely give points to Louis Vuitton for the attention to detail in the unboxing experience.

Louis Vuitton's Epi Leather is heavily finished, and a good option for those wanting a craft with weather and scratch resistance. These kinds of crafts will stay looking new longer compared to minimally finished leathers. However, because of the heavy finish, it barely resembles more natural leather and feels much too like plastic.

In my opinion, there's not much leather to enjoy in this Epi leathercraft. Similar options can be found for much cheaper.

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