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TEDDY BLAKE | Giorgia Bag

Reviewing Teddy Blake's Giorgia Palmelatto Bag - is it worth it?

DISCLAIMER: I am, in no way, affiliated with the brand mentioned. This video is solely for educational purposes only to let you know about the leather that the brand uses for its products and to provide you with a better understanding of its quality. At the end of the day, you still have to decide if it’s worth it for you or not.

This is the Giorgia handbag in Palmelatto leather, by Teddy Blake.

Overall, the craftsmanship is great, nice hardware, and this bag came in a lovely magnetic closure box.

The leather, however, is anything but premium- compared to full-grain and top-grain leather bags with similar finishes in the luxury category. The "leather" is really a layer of suede coated with a plastic/vinyl-like substance and then imprinted with a fake grain pattern.

However, as long as you know the leather isn't top-notch, this seems like a good fit for those looking for the aesthetic of classic designer handbag styles under the 'affordable luxury' branding of Teddy Blake.

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