How to get Things Done as a Perfectionist | Entrepreneur Tips

This article is somehow connected to the first article I’ve published where we described how and where to start actualizing an idea. For this week, I’ll be talking about the most common mistake that I used to make and which, I admit, still keep making from time to time. But I am getting better at it - recognizing when I’m falling to that trap and moving over from that. Most of us call this “mistake” a perfectionism. My fellow entrepreneurs have that moment where you think about stuff and then you never believe that it’s good enough to start with. This keeps you thinking, which is an endless cycle. It only delays the process of moving to the next step of getting things done. At some point, we have to realize that we’re falling into this trap and consciously force ourselves to move over and go to the next step. As an example, some of you may have heard a baby crying in the background of my last video. My office, where I’m wood planking my wall, is halfway done. It’s not a perfect setup - the look, the way I shot the video, the editing (well, to be fair, I did not edit the video so the video I uploaded was the raw file). But I wanted to make it happen at that exact moment because I felt that I had the idea in my mind - very clear - and that I can talk about it without going on too long while still getting my message across. And that’s the whole point. The mission of the video is to share my insights with my fellow entrepreneurs who might be looking for a practical way to face that challenge. The value I’m trying to create with producing that video is getting the message across. The aesthetics of the video, the production quality, the surroundings - they are trivial. 80% of the value is the message and as soon as I have it, I believe that I have to get started on it. The opposite scenario of my example would be me, waiting for the perfect conditions to develop so I can make a 100% delivery or close to 100% where there are no baby sounds and a quiet time which is almost none at this point in my life. I have two beautiful boys, one of which is two-months old. Things are hectic at home and it’s really lovely. I enjoy it and I never want to change any portion of it. So, I can’t wait for a quiet moment to arrive before I make this video. I can’t wait for my office to be finished before sharing with you my experiences as an entrepreneur because those things are irrelevant. My halfway done wood plank board has nothing to do with the message that I’m sending across to you. The environment cannot stop me from sharing my knowledge with you. So, this should be the approach when you think about an idea: when you believe that you have close to 80% value in you, then you’re ready to actualize. You have to take action and move on to the next step. You are getting one step closer -- no, actually you are getting more than one step closer to the reality of your idea. More things are happening and they get exciting at that point. And I believe the example of that first video not being perfect supplements the second video (which you can watch above) of how you should look at your perfectionism or obsession (if you have it). Recognize your perfectionism tendencies when you start overthinking stuff or when you start questioning yourself “is it good enough?”. Just think again - if 80% of the value is there, it’s good enough. Just move on and pull the trigger. Don’t focus too much on what you don’t have (the quiet environment and the perfect office in my case.) Do what you actually promise people to deliver as value. If it’s there, the surroundings, the packaging, or whatever idea you were thinking about will improve in time. But if you don’t start, they won’t improve. So, you’re not going to get to that next level; you’re not going to get more resources to work on those trivial things. If 80% is done, just move forward. As long as you do that, you will start getting things done. Hopefully this has been helpful for some of you and will start taking more actions on your beautiful ideas. Let me know your thoughts for this week’s topic in the comments section below or send me a message for your questions. Again, keep doing stuff for good and cheers!