Meet Tanner Leatherstein!

What started as an early play in childhood became a passion in life. I am an entrepreneur residing in Texas who is constantly working on helping people to better understand and use leather to enrich their lives and styles through various initiatives and brands under the TANNER LEATHERSTEIN COMPANY.


want to become leather-savvy?

Helping people better understand leather is one of my greatest goals. I've dedicated my life to this industry and I want to share this knowledge with others. Join the Tanner's Club for free to get access to the most expansive explanations of what good leather is and discover why you should not spend your money on luxury brands. If you want to save money, better know what you're buying.

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want to experience leather in its most authentic form?

To help people use leather in the most authentic and stylish way possible, I created PEGAI. PEGAI is an online leathercraft brand that is an expert in creating gift products that are useful yet elegant. All of our products are personalized gifts made of real full-grain leather that are perfect for any occasion, no matter what the season is. 

want to Use the same leather that we use?

Are you a small craftsman or a hobbyist? Do you enjoy working on DIY projects? Then Tannerstein Tannery is for you. I created this initiative with today's craftsmen in mind. This is a unique opportunity that will help you gain access to the most beautiful, cleanest, and rare leather hides that were only available to big brands before. Check out our shop to see some of the leathers that are now available to you.

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In everything I do, I always make sure that I give back to the community.

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A part of the profits generated from all my initiatives is donated to children in need.

Building a business to help underprivileged children in impoverished communities was a dream I once had. Today, I am fulfilling my dream with the help of the Save the Children organization and I am planning to continue my mission for as long as it takes.

"Service is a limitless opportunity, it is the reason why we breathe."

[ Michelle Obama ]


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