Tanner Leatherstein

Tanner Leatherstein is an entrepreneur residing in Dallas, Texas. He has successfully launched two brands - Pegai and McTroy. He started his business with the bedroom as his main office. Now, his businesses are growing at a steady pace in the last five years. He has a lot of plans, initiatives, and benefits for his brands to continue their business growth.

Tanner Leatherstein

Helping entrepreneurs create a positive impact - that is my goal.

I created this website as a resource tool for all entrepreneurs in the retail and manufacturing industry - particularly those who sell physical products. I've been in the business (leather goods business) since 2017 and we are growing at a steady pace. I want to share with all my fellow entrepreneurs my successes and failures with the hopes that they'll learn something from them.


I'm a father, a tanner, and a humanitarian.

My top-most priority is being a good father to my two handsome boys and a good husband to my wife. I will be forever thankful for the support and inspiration they gave and will give to me. They are all of my reasons.

Second, I am a tanner and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about leather and I'm more than willing to share my wisdom with all of you.


Lastly, I am a humanitarian. A part of our profits from all of my brands is donated to charities. Currently, I am working with Save the Children organization to fulfill this duty of mine.

Current Fundraising Campaign

I'm helping a family in Canakkale, Turkey, raise funds for their 20-month old son who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) two months after he was born. According to the Cure SMA Organization, SMA affects approximately 1 in 11,000 births in the United States.

Tanner Leatherstein

At age eleven, I tanned my first five sheepskin to create my leather jacket. Since then, what started as a play became a lifetime passion of mine.

I was once a cab driver in Chicago. I sold textiles and was a truck driver in New York. I've done many different things before going back to leather crafting.

In my 20-years of experience, I've worked in different aspects of leather in about five different countries. Now, I'm dedicating myself to help people understand and use leather to its best potential, to elevate their lifestyles, and to help them organize in a stylish manner.

"Never give up especially if you love what you do. Just keep trying and never stop learning."
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It is my mission to elevate your life through leather and to do that, I'll have to inform you about the different misconceptions on leather. Large luxury companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge and offer you mediocre products. Through Tanner's Club, we will not only inform you but also entertain you on different leather topics.